The Rise of Riso in North Texas

Over the past year I’ve been traveling around the Texas hill country and acquiring some new tools. Our two latest acquisitions are these two Riso spot color duplicator machines.

Say hello to Riso RP 3700 & EZ 220U!


These are fairly rare machines to come across. Imagine a printing machine that blends two classical print methods; mimeograph and screen printing. It works like a xerox, but instead of toner it uses super vibrant, transparent, soy based ink. Best of all, a Riso can print on varying paper stocks; from newsprint to heavy French paper, this thing can handle it. You create a master image using the scanner, a laser burns a fabric master which then wraps around the ink drum and a pressure roller presses the un-coated paper against the drum, making a perfect transfer. Since each color is printed as a separate image, the paper is ran multiple times through the machine, layering each color and creating beautiful gradients. These are truly beautiful and brilliantly designed machines.


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