AWT AccuPrint AP-2538


A few years ago we started restoring an AWT AccuPrint AP-2538. The entire machine was rusted over when we first found it, still functional, but very dirty.


After almost destroying it during transport (oops) we unloaded it into our print shop and started taking it apart. Using white vinegar, I de-rusted every piece of metal I could fit into a bucket. I sat in my garage and listened to music, and just scrubbed away.  It probably took me about three weeks to finish scrubbing and rehydrating the metal and plastic in mineral oil.


We put it back together and it looked absolutely beautiful!


hungry for patches??


I recently worked on a header design to copy the bitchin’ Lasanti pizza boxes that pretty much every pizza and bullshit ass Italian food place carries. After my first attempt to print them was ruined by the realization that I never checked my spelling, the second time around was much more successful.


Step two: crimp and cut, my dude.